The arms and flags of the Landkreis Erding (Upper Bavaria)
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Azure, three houses two and one Argent, roofed Or.


Azure, three houses two and one Argent, roofed Or.

Preliminary remarks:

With effect from January 1st 1972 the municipalities Hausmehring, Watzling and Schwindkirchen (formerly Landkreis Mühldorf) and parts of the municipalities Eibach (see also Taufkirchen) and Schiltern (see also Sankt Wolfgang) have been incorporated into Dorfen. Since May 1st 1978 also the municipalities Tegernbach (emerged on January 1st 1972 from Grüntegernbach and Wasentegernbach) and Zeilhofen belong to Dorfen. Grüntegernbach, Hausmehring and Zeilhofen had used their one arms, that have become obsolete with the merger. In the incorporated villages Schwindkirchen and Wasentegernbach there are efforts towards own "village arms".


Foundation of the arms:

In the second third of the 14th century a great and a small seal came into being, presumably caused by the privileges of 1331; imprints are known from 1374 and 1384 onwards, respectively. As in all seals to come the escutcheon showed three houses as heraldic symbol for the idea of "Dorf" (village). In spite of the simplicity of the arms the tincture has remained doubtful up to now. In the 16th century the houses and the escutcheon were reported as Argent, the roofs as Gules. However, Azure for the shield is recorded in the literature since 1812 as well as in the mayor's medal around 1820. The tincture above is from Hupp. The colours Azure and Gules in the municipal flag originate presumably from the pictures of the arms from the 19th century. The place, mentioned in 1270 as ducal market-town, has been promoted to town in 1954.

The arms of Dorfen are already contained in the large arms collection by Philipp Apian (1558/1589) and in the large arms sheet, that the court painter Hans Mielich (1516-1573) placed in front of the penitential psalms of Orlando di Lasso in 1565.


Design of the arms:

Otto Hupp, München and Max Reinhard, Passau.


Historical image sources:

Coat-of-arms of the market-town Dorfen.



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Former municipalities:

The defunct arms of the former municipalities
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