The arms and flags of the Landkreis Erding (Upper Bavaria)
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Tegernbach (former municipality)

The former municipality Tegernbach did not use own arms, but used the lesser Bavarian arms in its seal.

Preliminary remarks:

On January 1st 1972 the municipalities Grüntegernbach and Wasentegernbach merged to form the municipality Tegernbach. Thus the arms of the municipality Grüntegernbach has become obsolete. Since May 1st 1978 the municipalities Tegernbach and Zeilhofen belong to Dorfen. In the incorporated villages Schwindkirchen and Wasentegernbach there are efforts towards own "village arms".


Foundation of the arms:

As municipality without own arms the municipality Tegernbach used the lesser Bavarian arms in its seal from January 1st 1972 until April 30th 1978.


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The former municipality
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