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Per fess wavy Gules, a demi-horse issuant Argent, and Argent, an axe bendwise Azure.

Sankt Wolfgang

Per fess wavy Gules, a demi-horse issuant Argent, and Argent, an axe bendwise Azure.

Preliminary remarks:

The municipalities Sankt Wolfgang, Gatterberg, Schönbrunn, Jeßling, Pyramoos and Lappach, belonging to the Landkreis Wasserburg, have joined in 1971 to form the new municipality Sankt Wolfgang; as from January 1st 1972 parts of the municipality Schiltern (Mayerhof; see also Dorfen) have been incorporated into Sankt Wolfgang. With the dissolution of the Landkreis Wasserburg on July 1st 1972 the municipality Sankt Wolfgang joined the Landkreis Erding. None of the former municipalities had used own municipal arms.


Foundation of the arms:

Sankt Wolfgang was part of the former County Haag, to which the heraldic animal of the counts Fraunberger zu Haag in the upper part refers. Directly related to the name of the municipality is the axe as an attribute of the Saint Wolfgang, that is revered in the pilgrimage church in remembrance of a spring revived by him in the 10th century under the altar of the Wolfgang's chapel.

The district government of Upper Bavaria approved the adoption of the arms on June 12th 1973.


Design of the arms:

Heinz C. Bessling, Gauting.


Historical image sources:

Coat-of-arms of the Fraunberger vom Haag (County Haag) und Fraunberger von und zu Fraunberg (Alt-Fraunberg) (see also coats-of-arms of the Landkreis Erding, of Fraunberg and Schwindkirchen).

Coat-of-arms of the convent St. Wolfgang (founded 1737).



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Former municipalities:

The former municipalities
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did not use own arms.

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