The arms and flags of the Landkreis Erding (Upper Bavaria)
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Sankt Wolfgang Municipal Flag


horizontally striped flag with arms

vertically striped flag with arms

The municipality Sankt Wolfgang has adopted a flag by vote of the municipal council on 16th April 1973. The flag shows three stripes of the colours Blue-White-Blue; it shall be used with the arms on it. The Government of Upper Bavaria approved the adoption of the flag on June 12th 1973.

There are two variants in use: The variant officially used is a flapping flag of 400 x 120 cm (proportions 10:3) with horizontal stripes; the arms in the central, white stripe cover 80% of the flag width.
The variant used by the citizens is an hanging flag with vertical stripes (proportions 8:3); the arms cover 80% of the flag width.
The officially used flags have been manufactured by the Bonner Fahnenfabrik.

The flags are used on holidays (e.g. Day of German Unity and Corpus Christi Day) and during at municipal festivities.



Deko flag (blue variant)

Deko flag (red variant)

Since the village festivities 1999 there are also "deko-flags" in use. These are flapping or hanging flags in the proportions 5:2, that can be found in four different colours (blue, dark red, pale green, yellow). In the head of the flag on a white field there is the logo derived from the arms recently.

Deko flag (green variant)

Deko flag (yellow variant)



Municipal flag (horizontally striped variant) in front of the Raiffeisenbank in St. Wolfgang.
Municipal flag (vertically striped variant) at the Gasthaus Silbernagel in St. Wolfgang.

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