The arms and flags of the Landkreis Erding (Upper Bavaria)
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Azure, a mermaid proper habited Gules and crowned Or, holding up her tails Or.


Azure, a mermaid proper habited Gules and crowned Or, holding up her tails Or.

Preliminary remarks:

As from April 1st 1971 the municipalities Isen, Westach, Schnaupping, belonging to the Landkreis Wasserburg, have merged. With the dissolution of the Landkreis Wasserburg on July 1st 1972 the market-town Isen joined the Landkreis Erding. On May 1st 1978 the municipality Mittbach consolidated with Isen. Except for the market-town Isen the other formerly independent municipalities had not used own arms. As the arms become obsolete by a merger of equal municipalities (see Erding), a new adoption procedure had to be conducted. The General Direction of the Public Record Offices of Bavaria had no objections against a readoption of the arms in the form used before the municipal reform.

The district government of Upper Bavaria approved the adoption of the arms on February 8th 1984.


Foundation of the arms:

The main village of the former territory Burgrain of the convent Freising has been granted the arms in 1548 by emperor Charles V on the occasion of the confirmation of the fair privilege of 1438. In the document, that has been preserved as an original, the mythical figure is designated as mermaid and her habit is exactly described. Presumably this strange symbol has been selected, because the town is called after the rivulet Isen and in the Renaissance it was common to people the nature with mythical beings after classical model. Since 1554 seals are known showing the arms. Up to the 19th century coloured examples followed the patent of arms; divergently Hupp painted the mermaid totally naked later on.


Designs of the arms:

Otto Hupp, München; Max Reinhard, Passau.


Image sources:

Coat-of-arms of the market-town Isen.



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Homepage of the market-town Isen
Brass-band Isen
Municipality censors painting (Dorothea Seror) (not available any more)
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Former municipalities:

The former municipalities
Schnaupping und
did not use own arms.

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